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Add a shop to your existing website

Easily integrate a shop function into your current website. Choose from either a pop-up checkout window or embedded checkout options within the page. No need to overhaul your entire website.

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Quick and easy setup

Set up your One-Page shop(s) within minutes to sell your products or services. Get a comprehensive package that includes webshop, hosting, and payments from a single provider.

Responsive design

Ensure an optimal shopping experience across devices. Your One-Page shop is fully responsive, adapting seamlessly to desktop, tablet, and smartphone displays.

Perfect for marketing campaigns

Utilize the One-Page shop for effective marketing campaigns across different channels, maximizing your reach and boosting sales.

Convenient Payment Methods

Offer your customers a variety of payment options. Our One-Page shop integrates all available payment methods from our online payment solution.

Customize to reflect your brand

Easily customize the design of your One-Page shop to align with your brand requirements and maintain a consistent brand image.

Checkout integrated in a pop-up window

Effortlessly set up a seamless pop-up window with an integrated checkout. With just a click of a button, the store appears, enabling customers to browse and complete their purchases without having to leave the current page.

Checkout embedded in a product page

Seamlessly integrate the shop directly into your webpage using an embedded iFrame. Your website and the One-Page shop will work together seamlessly.

Offer popular payment methods

Don't lose out on sales—up to 30% of customers abandon their purchase if their preferred payment method isn't available. Offer all major payment methods with Nets, whether you're expanding internationally or staying local.

Card payments (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro)
Account to Account Payments (Swish, Trustly, SEPA Direct Debit, SOFORT)
Online wallets (PayPal, Vipps, Mobilepay, Swish)
Invoicing and Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)
PayLink and One Page Store to sell beyond your website
Visa logo
Maestro logo
American Express

Boost your website with One-Page Shop

Explore the One-Page Shop's potential: Seamlessly launch tests, showcase limited editions, engage customers with event offers, and more. Let your imagination be the only limit to what you can achieve with One-Page-Shop.

Instant product testing

Launch and test new products instantly. Gather feedback and make data-driven decisions using the One-Page Shop's quick setup and analytics.

Online pop-ups

Set up a pop-up store with a unique design, create urgency, and attract enthusiasts. The One-Page Shop ensures a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Exclusive event deals

Offer event-specific deals effortlessly. Boost sales and engagement with the One-Page Shop's convenient payment methods and responsive design.

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